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Can I use my international driver's license?
Valid drivers licenses issued in your state or country is acceptable as well as international licenses.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, insurance is required by state law.

What are your age requirements?
You have to be at least 21 years of age.


Do you pick up and drop off customers?
Yes, we have a service to pick up and drop off customers for rentals.

Do you deliver and pick up the vehicle?
Yes, we do provide these services.

Do you pick up at the airports?
Yes, we pick up from the airport and deliver to the airport.

Do you deliver at the hotels?
Yes, we do deliver at hotels but customer needs to be present to sign your rental contract.

Method of payment

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay cash, credit card, or debit card.

Can I use another persons credit card for renting a vehicle?
Yes, but the card holder must present themselves with proper i.d. to sign the rental contract.


Do I need a deposit?
Yes, a deposit is required for security purposes. The amount of the requested deposit will be returned to you.

How much is the deposit?
The deposits is based on the type of vehicle, usually from $300.00+ must be on a Credit/Debit Card.

Type of vehicles

What type of cars do you have?
We have compact, mid size, full size, convertibles, vans, SUVs, exotic cars and many more.

Do you have automatic or stick shift cars?
We have automatic cars and stick shift cars, make sure you ask for a stick shift in advance. Since most of our cars are automatic.

Do you have air conditioned cars?
Yes, all our cars have air conditioning.

Do you rent cars by the hour?
Yes, cars can be rented by the hour with a minimum of 5 hours.


Do you offer accessories with your rentals?
We do have accessories that can be rented with the vehicles. The accessories are a baby seat, and GPS systems.

Additional charges

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?
Yes, additional charges apply when rental vehicle is to be driven by more than one person.

Is there an additional charge for fuel?
Fuel must be brought back the same level it was given to you.

Is there an additional charge for underage?
Yes, it only applies to customers that are 21-24 years old.


Can I drive out-of-state?
Vehicles can only be within the state. Contact us for additional fee to take vehicles out-of-state.

Monthly Special

If I rent a vehicle for a month can I get a good price?
Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month and receive a special offer.


Do you have AAA, travel agencies or airport employee's discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts to members of any one of these associations.

Do you offer coupons?
Yes we do, you can print it out from the web site when available.

Returning vehicles

If I have a flight leaving during your closing hours, is there anywhere I can leave your vehicle?
Yes, we have a drop off service. Let us know in advance for instructions on where to leave your vehicle.

Beverly Hills
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(310) 448-2018
9732 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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